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No one said raising a family was easy. We’re saying it shouldn’t be impossible.

We’re here to give youth and families in Carlton County, Minnesota, every advantage when it comes to their health, their education, their safety, and their role as productive members of society.

And in just under 20 years, we’ve put just over $16 million to work, making sure success is possible for every child and family in our community.

Youth Services

Today’s young people have more complicated concerns than many of us ever imagined when we were kids. So we focus on the issues that are real and relevant to them—like homelessness and suicide prevention—before we tackle problems like literacy and truancy.

For thousands of kids each year, we fill
the need.

Early Childhood

Sometimes, it seems they’re all you hear about: the kids who aren’t ready for kindergarten; the families who aren’t ready to be families; the test scores that don’t
add up.

In Carlton County, on the other hand, we’ve got scores of stories about kids who are beating those odds. Plus proof that our programs are working—from the delivery room to the classroom.

And it’s changing the way people think.

Community Wellness

The Carlton County Collaborative is dedicated to improving the environmental, social and economic conditions that contribute to poor health in our county.  Also to promoting the well being and health of all it’s residents with special attention to those under served.


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