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Carlton County Newsletter March 2016

Restorative Justice December Newsletter:
Carlton County Community Restorative Justice Program Newsletter December 2015

TXT4LIFE chosen to receive an AMC County Achievement Award:
The 2013 Association of Minnesota Counties Annual Conference Awards Committee has selected Carlton County’s TXT4Life as a project that is worthy of recognition and has chosen it to receive an AMC County Achievement Award!
AMC County Achievement Award

TXT4LIFE receives top Local Government Innovation Award from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs:
The University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs has released the names of the winners of the 2013 Local Government Innovation Award. In the “County” category, there were 42 submissions, 6 winners with 1 overall winner. We are excited to share that Carlton County – Public Health & Human Services was selected as the Overall Category Winner for Minnesota Counties, for the TXT4LIFE program! As a part of the award, a professional video is being made that will highlight many parts of the program, and the impact it is making on the community — watch for it sometime next month. Also, see the press release below for more information about the awards.

Minnesota health commissioner walks the walk:

“Minnesota’s health commissioner checked out a not-so-healthy route to school during a visit to Duluth Hillside neighborhoods on Tuesday.”
Carlton County Collaborative and Public Health workers attended this event to learn about, and share ideas for, the future health of Minnesota. It was a great opportunity to meet the commissioner, and learn about the efforts already developing in our area to improve the health and safety of our communities.

Restorative Justice June Newsletter:
Carlton County Community Restorative Justice Program Newsletter June 2013

Restorative Justice Sentencing Circle Newsletter for May:
Carlton County Sentencing Circle Newsletter 5 2013

TXT4LIFE receives statewide funding!
The 2013 Omnibus Bill, passed on May 17th, states, “$625,000 in fiscal year 2014 and $625,00 in fiscal year 2015 is for a grant to a nonprofit organization to establish and implement a statewide text message suicide prevention program.  The program shall implement a suicide prevention counseling text line designed to use text messaging to connect with crisis counselors and to obtain emergency information and referrals to local resources in the local community. The program shall include training within schools and communities to encourage the use of the program”.

NAMI Legislative Update: Outcomes for mental health, education, and restorative justice:
Read here:

Mark Kuppe, Dave Lee, and Sen. Tony Lourey testify for TXT4LIFE: Explain why funding is needed, and what will be done with funding – April 4th, 2013
Listen here.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and May 9th is Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day.
Check out our Facebook page and tell us what you are doing to participate and raise awareness in your community!

Carlton County Restorative Justice Program
The Carlton County Restorative Justice Program is going to be featured on Channel 10 (WDIO) on the 10:00 news Thursday the 25th and Friday the 26th.
Watch the video here:

TXT4Life Bill Introduced:
HF861 (Sundin; DFL: Esko)/SF930 (Lourey; DFL: Kerrick) has now been introduced in both bodies.  Authors include Representative Mike Sundin (DFL: Esko), Tina Libeling (DFL: Rochester), JoAnn Ward (DFL: Woodbury); Jim Abeler (R: Anoka), Joe Radinovich (DFL: Crosby) and Joe Schomacher (R: Luverne).  In the Senate, Chair Tony Lourey DFL: Kerrick) is the chief author; Senators Kent Eken (DFL: Twin Valley) and Julie Rosen (R: Fairmont) are co-authors.
UPDATE 3-18-2013
HF861 (Sundin; DFL: Esko) cleared the House HHS Policy Committee on Wednesday and was referred to the House HHS Finance Committee.  If passed, the bill would add the text message-based suicide prevention program to the existing statewide phone hotline, citing figures from a pilot program in northeastern Minnesota that show teens would rather send a text than make a call for help. By sending just four letters – “life”- to a special code number, a teen in need starts texting with a counselor who can talk them down, refer them to others who can help or, if necessary, call in emergency help.

More than 600 people in Minnesota committed suicide in 2010, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Since a TXT4Life pilot launched in seven counties in northeastern Minnesota more than a year ago, counselors have texted with more than 400 people per month.  Carlton County Public Health and Human Services Director Dave Lee called it “a lifeline in teens’ pocket, immediately available when they most need it.”

To offer services statewide, TXT4Life would need about $2.5 million annually. That would fund trips to middle and high schools to teach students about the text line and get them to program the number into their phones.  It would also help staff counselors around the clock.  The text line currently runs from noon to midnight.

(MSSA Legislative Update:
UPDATE 4-8-2013
“Another of our priorities is expanding TXT4LIFE statewide.  SF930 (Lourey) was heard in the Senate HHS Finance Committee on Thursday.  Dave Lee, Carlton County Public Health & Human Services, and Mark Kuppe, Chief Executive Officer for Canvas Health, testified regarding the success of the pilot project currently underway in several counties in Northern Minnesota.  The bill was laid over for possible inclusion in the Committee’s Omnibus HHS bill.”  (MSSA Legislative Update Issue 13).


Preventing Suicide in Young People (TXT4Life)

“Teen suicide continues to rise in the United States at alarming rates. Learn what to look for in a struggling teen and some of the resources and supports that are available specifically for teens who are in crisis. Air date: 11/1/12”

Carlton County Collaborative – Jump Start 4 Kindergarten .
“Carlton County Collaborative’s Jumpstart 4 Kindergarten Program helps children be prepared for kindergarten.”