What is LCTS?

The Local Collaborative Time Study (LCTS) is Minnesota’s federally-approved claiming mechanism for Medicaid (MA) and Title IV-E administrative reimbursement for Minnesota’s Family Service and Children’s Mental Health collaborative.  Reimbursement is earned by staff in public school districts, public health, and correction agencies for eligible activities they perform to assist the state in administration of the MA and Title IV-E state plans.



The Time Study measures specific children & family service activities performed by the Time Study Participant during each calendar quarter. The Participants’ code selections are remitted to the State in which they make a claim to the federal government for reimbursement. That money comes back to the Collaborative.  LCTS funds received by the collaborative have been designated by the state statue for use in the expansion of early intervention and prevention services in Minnesota communities.


Public Schools:

Public Schools Activity Code Reference Guide December 2014 with redlines

Public School Participant checklist Jan 2015



Corrections Activity Code Reference Guide December 2014 with redlines

Corrections Participant checklist Jan 2015


Public Health:

Public Health Activity Code Reference Guide December 2014 with redlines

Public Health Participant checklist Jan 2015


LCTS Eligibility Forms and Resources:

Candidacy Form and Sample Page

Blank General Consent and sample page


Other Forms and Resources:

Non-Sample Times Form

Web-based Instructions for Participants

Web-based Instructions for Validators

LCTS Coordinator’s Mailing Labels



The success of the Carlton County Collaborative’s LCTS program is due to the continued support and dedication of more than 170 participants, their supervisors and agencies.

Contact Teresa Walker, the LCTS Coordinator @ with any questions regarding the time study.