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The CCCRJP uses a Restorative Justice Sentencing Circle in its attempts to reduce the harm of crime in our community. The Sentencing Circle process is a unique response to crime that follows a model of Restorative Justice.  When we speak of Restorative Justice we speak of a framework that engages victims, offenders, and the community in repairing the harm caused by crime so that we can build a safer and stronger community.

Restorative Justice Programs offer many benefits to the citizens it serves. Community circles empower communities to become active participants in the response to harm and crime. In this way, circles enhance the justice system by having the offender held accountable to the community in which he or she resides.  Circles also provide space for offenders to examine root causes of destructive behavior and foster personal healing and growth that may lead toward becoming a more positive influence in the community.



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The Carlton County Juvenile Sentencing Circle has been established to assist juvenile offenders in taking responsibility for the harm they have caused, empower victims of juvenile crime, and give community members the opportunity to assist in repairing harm and helping to reintegrate the offender back into the community. Volunteers for the sentencing circle program help play an integral part as they are able to articulate the voice of their community, creatively solve problems, maintain a positive attitude and show respect for victims and offenders.

A successful Juvenile Circle Sentencing program begins with volunteers who know their communities needs and strengths and are devoted to helping the at risk youth in their communities. As a volunteer in the Juvenile Circle Sentencing program community members help offenders take responsibility for their actions and the harm they have caused to the victims of the crime and the community. Volunteers are also able to help empower the victims of these crimes and provide a voice for their community. If you are interested in volunteering to be a circle member please fill out the appropriate forms and mail them to the Collaborative office or e-mail  with any questions.

If interested in volunteering with the Carlton County Restorative Justice Program please complete the following forms and return them to Donna LeKander at the Carlton County Collaborative.


Volunteers are the backbone of this program.  If you are interested in helping at-risk youth improve themselves and strive to make your community a safer place to live, this is the opportunity for you.

Your role will be as a participant on a Sentencing Circle.  This is a process that replaces the formal court sentencing process.  It allows volunteers like you to create a sentence while supporting the offender and the victim of crime.\

Brochure (Seeking Volunteers)

Volunteer Handbook


CCCRJP Volunteer Application Form


Contact us with any questions regarding the program or to obtain volunteer information:

Carrie Manty

Carlton County Restorative Justice Program

317 Chestnut Avenue, PO Box 606, Carlton, MN  55718

Ph. 218-393-3132